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Octopus Family Shredded! Sharks and Wind-Up Water Toys Destroyed! What's Inside Slime Squishy B

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نشرت في 11 Dec 2018 / في فيلم والرسوم المتحركة

Giant octopus family shredded. Shredding colorful squishy sharks and ocean water bath toys animals and also slimey slime filled squishy octopus family. In this video I shred some very colorful and squishy stretchy sharks, squishy slime octopus family and a giant squishy octopus that are filled with orbeez and also many ocean animal toys such as crabs, fish, shales, sharks, octopus and many more. Shredding animal toys is very fun and I hope that I can shred many more animal and shark and dinosaur toys in the future. Which of these squishy stretchy sharks and giant squishy octopus and animal toys was your favorite? Let me know, I try to reply to everyone! Enjoy!
Who is Toychomper? Toychomper is a channel featuring hot wheels, animal toys, dinosaur toys, animal planet toys, how to make slime, how to make slime with glue, how to make slime without glue, cutting open squishy animal toys, shredding toy cars, Five Nights at Freddy's, Dinotrux toys, mecard dinosaurs, mecard episode, wind up animals toys, toy reviews and more! Kid friendly entertainment, a kid friendly channel with educational and fun videos for children. Lego builds, surprise eggs, dinosaurs and more!

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